Mini World Côte d´Azur gives pride of place to a temporary exhibition dedicated to the most famous of the sorcerer’s apprentices to be discovered until February 28, 2022! Presented for the first time at Mini World Lyon, this unprecedented exhibition built with more than a million LEGO® bricks gathered more than 150,000 visitors. This is a remastered version with many new features of this enchanting universe that will be offered to visitors to the French Riviera!

Among the countless scenes of life that make up this exhibition especially for Mini World, discover the centerpiece, the majestic Scottish castle, welcoming sorcerer’s apprentices made up of 600,000 assembled bricks, a hundred emblematic characters from the saga or the express train. You will also find: the famous stadium which sees the flying broom competitions compete, the shopping street and the train platform most frequented by Wizards … but also cult objects built in full-scale bricks such as the magic hat, the flying broom, pink umbrella, school supplies… and many other surprises. Most ? Different construction scales and techniques were used!


As in our mini worlds, a Waldo is hiding in the brick-built exhibition-whose-must-not-be-pronounced-the-name! A reward will be offered to all those who give their exact location to our reception at the end of the visit!

All artwork displayed in this exhibition is the creation and property of Eric Pilhan. This exhibition is organized at arm’s length from the LEGO Group and has no official connection with the LEGO® brand.